What You Need to Know About Electric Hybrids and Electric Cars

The electric car market is expected to boom over the next few years as more and more companies start to enter the electric car market. Chevrolet will be releasing the Chevy Volt in late 2010, and will be followed by offerings from Nissan and Toyota, among other companies.

It can be easy to jump on the electric car bandwagon, and for good reason; these cars are helping to remove us from our dependence on foreign oil and are helping us to combat high gas prices. With that being said, it is important for all to understand electric hybrids and electric cars, what they have to offer, and what their shortcomings are.

What is It?

An electric hybrid is a vehicle that works to partner the electric battery with the combustible engine that we have all been accustomed to. The electric battery will be able to carry the vehicle for a certain distance without having to use any gas. The Chevrolet Volt is a prime example; the car will be able to reach a full 40 miles of travel without having to use the combustible motor located in the car. After the car reaches that point, the combustible motor kicks in.

This motor is going to be more efficient than other motors, as it is going to harness some of the power offered by the electric battery motor. The engine will work to generate a small amount of electricity, which will help to ease the load of the motor and extend the life of a tank of gas. The Chevy Volt is expected to get 50 miles per gallon with the combustible motor on and running.

How are they Charged?

Electric hybrids are actually going to be able to be charged right at your home. They will have plugs that will be able to go directly into an outlet outside of your home, allowing you to fuel up on energy before each run that you make. This works to make electric hybrids easy to use, as you will not need to stop at a gas station or “electricity station” to get your vehicle to work.

What’s Coming?

There are plenty of different vehicles that will be coming out to the market, each with their own unique properties and abilities. Ford will be coming out with a Focus that is electric powered. While the car does not feature new styling, it will shoot to have a range of 100 miles between electric charges. The Nissan Leaf is going to be another electric car offering, featuring a lower price than the Volt and a higher range of around 100 miles for each charge. Toyota plans on releasing a vehicle in 2012, while Tesla works to release the Model S in late 2011.

As you can see, the electric car market is just starting to get popular, and is just now seeing power and force. The next few years will be crucial as the public gets their first taste of the electric car and what it can offer.

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