What’s Next for Electric Cars?

Electric cars have been the wave of the future, promising to provide us with the fuel-independent transportation alternative that we’ve been looking for. Car companies are scrambling to create the electric cars that we want, pushing out their newest electric models as quickly as they can.

It is important for everyone to completely understand where we are at with electric cars, where we are trying to get with these different electric cars, and what the future holds for this new type of vehicle.

Where Are We At?

Companies are currently working to get their first electric cars out on the market. Cars are coming out in limited numbers, with electric vehicles like the Electric Mini coming out in small test batches. The Chevy Volt is going to be the first mainstream, mass-market electric vehicle to be released. The car, expected to launch toward the end of 2010, is an electric hybrid that relies on the electric battery for up to 40 miles. Beyond that, the car will rely on the usual gasoline engine to be powered.

Where Are We Trying to Get?

Eventually, we are trying to get toward something that may seem somewhat unreachable. We are looking to have affordable electric cars that will be able to go hundreds of miles without a charge. As it currently stands, most cars will only be able to reach a maximum of 100 miles on one charge.

These cars will also be expensive; the Chevy Volt is expected to be about $40,000 dollars. Eventually, we are trying to get to electric cars that are cheaper and more affordable. The Ford EV is leading the charge, using a common platform and already-created base in an attempt to lower costs.

What Does the Future Hold

The next few years will be crucial for the electric car. Companies are looking to release their electric vehicles in 2011 and 2012, working to get their first cars on the market. The future for electric vehicles is bright, as many realize that this is the future of car technology. Unfortunately, we must go through the growing pains of a new and untested market before we can reach that future. Look for extended mileage, extended speeds, faster pick-up times, and faster charges as companies push through to newer models of their electric cars.

Electric cars have made incredible strides in recent years thanks to the rise in gas prices. As more and more people worry about the price of gas and dependence on foreign oil, electric cars will become more and more popular. Car companies have come a long way by finally coming out with vehicles, like the Chevy Volt, that rely on electricity for a part of their overall energy. As time moves forward, we look for affordable electric cars that can meet all of our needs, whether they be distance, speed, or cost. Eventually, these vehicles will meet our needs, and the technology will become as common as gasoline engines are today.

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