PSA Peugeot Citroën and Bosch Partner Up for New Diesel Hybrids.

joinedIn France, a partnership between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Bosch has been formed to produce new diesel hybrid technology, hitting showroom floors in 2011. The technology premiered at the 2008 Paris Auto Show, with concept cars including the Peugeot Prologue and Citroën Hypnos. The Hypnos CUV is a blending of a sports utility vehicle, coupe and sedan. Its environmentally conscientious design features the advance hybrid power train that is expected to achieve 200 horses and achieve 50 miles per gallon diesel. The Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 will feature a similar power train, with a 2.0L engine, producing 198 horses and emitting only 0.4 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer while the fossil fuel engine is running, and zero emissions in electric only mode.

Bosch will provide Peugeot with electronic systems and the electric motors needed to power their hybrid vehicles. They will also supply technologies such as anti lock brakes and electronic stability systems which are geared towards recovering and conserving the most energy. Bosch is supplying overall 30 years worth of hybrid experience, with over 350 employees working in the supplied technologies. Also included are the alternator technologies and overall integration of the components.

It is hopeful that this partnership will aid in engineering and optimizing the hybrid power train and energy recover systems, producing a vehicle with low carbon dioxide emissions. Both companies are brining their own expertise into the mix, which will hopefully provide a rapid production of newer hybrid technologies.

PSA Peugeot Citroën has formed other agreements in the past, including working with automakers Sevel, BMW and Toyota. Recently, Peugeot formed a mutual agreement with Mitsubishi. This agreement provides both manufacturers with technologies based upon Mitsubishi’s Outlander, outfitted with either Pergeot’s Diesel or Mitsubishi’s gas engine. Their agreement with each other now will be to work towards stepping up design and production of completely electric vehicles. Their hope is the production of a truly viable urban electric vehicle.

Bosch has teamed up with Denso and Johnson Controls to work towards better hybrid battery technologies. Their goal is to work with suppliers and provide aid and support through the global economic crisis, while working to be able to increase the use and production of highly efficient batteries for use in hybrid vehicles.

PSA Peugeot and Bosch hope to usher in a new era of diesel hybrid cars, that are more efficient and cleaner than anything similar. PSA Peugeot is focusing on diesel electric hybrids as a driving force in hybrid technologies, forming collaborations and partnerships with other experts in the field in order to develop a truly green vehicle. Bosch has been working on many different green technologies, including regenerative anti lock brakes and stability programs, as well as kinetic energy recovery systems and motors tailored to efficiency in electric and hybrid vehicles. Over all, the partnership between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Bosch will hopeful inspire other partnerships and usher in a new era of highly efficient diesel electric hybrids.

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How Hybrid Diesel Electric Technology Makes a Difference

While there are some hybrid diesel electric buses and locomotives operating in the US, the long-awaited Volkswagen hybrid diesel electric Golf that’s manufactured in Europe won’t be released to United States market as they had originally planned.  Volkswagen claims that the price of manufacturing the vehicle is too high.

The Dodge RAM HEV that was supposed to be released in 2005 never quite made it to the marketplace.  It was supposed to have an electric diesel hybrid drive train, and would have been the first diesel electric hybrid car on the market in the United States.

So in the United States, the outlook for hybrid diesel technology is not good.  Though large companies like UPS have programs in place to test hybrid diesel electric vans, and some cities like Seattle use hybrid buses, even operations like mining operations use hybrid mining trucks and some submarines are even diesel electric hybrids, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to purchase a diesel electric hybrid at your car dealership within the next few years.

The worldwide news for hybrid diesel electric cars is much better than the outlook in the United States, however. Peugeot has had diesel electric hybrid technology in the works for a while and has plans to release its PSA Peugeot Citroen to parts of Europe by 2011.  The company has just recently entered into a partnership with Bosch who will provide parts of the motor and the technology to help them get the cars on the road more quickly.  There is currently no plan to release this vehicle in the United States.

One can only hope that the Peugeot hybrid diesel electric vehicle proves a smashing success and that its success sparks interest in marketing the clean technology to the American consumer, or our hopes of having hybrid diesel electric cars to choose from might still be years away from being fulfilled.

Hybrid electric cars are starting to earn a market share in the United States, and given that hybrid diesel electric vehicles are being tested by companies like UPS, there is still hope. If the companies like UPS who are trying the technology to see if it lowers their costs of operation find favorable results that might help lead the way toward popularizing hybrid diesel electric cars.

Many believe that hybrid diesel electric technology is the true future of hybrid cars all over the world.  While hybrid electric cars seem to be the focus of most research, a diesel engine’s ability to burn biofuel instead of petroleum based fuels makes it a much greener choice than a standard engine. The combination of hybrid electric technology with an engine capable of providing more power while running less hot and using biofuels as opposed to petroleum should be on the top of the priority stack for companies who want to provide green solutions for consumers.

Given the current worldwide economic crises, it doesn’t seem promising that car manufacturers will sink the money necessary into hybrid diesel electric technology any faster than they have so far.

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