Volkswagen Plans to Introduce Diesel Electric Hybrid Vehicle

The diesel electric hybrid car is a phenomenon that is gaining serious notoriety in Europe, but now Volkswagen is taking this phenomenon one step further and bringing it to the United States by releasing a version of the VW Golf which will be officially unveiled sometime in the latter half of 2009 and intended for the 2010 model year. This is going to be the first American version of a hybrid diesel electric vehicle, making it quite a sensation already though it has at least a year before its official release.

The Golf Hatchback that is being released by Volkswagen is more readily known as the Rabbit in North America. It is planned to be unveiled in Geneva’s upcoming Motor Show. The information that has already been leaked regarding the Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit is quite promising, as this vehicle is said to have a fuel economy of 83.1 miles per gallon imperial, or 69.9 miles per gallon US. This car is offering much lower emissions, only releasing 89 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, which is a huge improvement over the Toyota Prius Hybrid, which in comparison emits 104 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide.

The diesel engine that is being used in this unique Golf Hybrid from Volkswagen has been developed specifically to cater to consumers in the United States market, with Californian consumers targeted specifically. For this reason, this engine is going to meet all Euro 5 emissions criteria as well as passing the Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards, which is an even more stringent set of emissions standards. If you combine this with the fact that many forms of bio diesel are now being crafted from algae, and you will find yourself driving a much greener car than what is currently being offered on the road.

According to the station that first leaked the news about the Volkswagen Golf Hybrid Electric Vehicle, the technology that is going to be used in the Volkswagen Golf Hybrid is also going to be utilized in a wide variety of Volkswagen Group models including the Jetta Saloon, which is a sedan that sells in much greater numbers in the United States than both the Audi A3 and Rabbit combined.

A lot of information is still unknown about this particular vehicle, but what is known is relatively clear: A phenomenon that is quite popular in European countries, the hybrid diesel electric vehicle, is on its way to the United States and the rest of North America, giving American consumers a chance to take advantage of this unique technology which provides excellent mileage and lower emissions than many other hybrid vehicles. Diesel Electric Hybrid vehicles are vehicles that combine diesel engines with electric engines, allowing for vehicles that create less emissions, get more power on less gas, and are a great deal “greener” just by nature. Volkswagen is clearly taking the next logical step in green vehicle technology by providing the United States with a unique hybrid vehicle that truly packs a punch.

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